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Starting March 24th At 11:59pm

Please also be aware that as of March 24th at 11:59pm all non-essential businesses in Ontario have been ordered closed to limit the spread of COVID-19. We do fall into this category. I’ll be in the office for a few hours on Wednesdays and Saturdays to check our emails and the phone messages will be checked daily, but our store itself will be closed for at least 14 days.

Stay safe and don't go out unless necessary.

What's Hot!

Plug and Play  - 110v hot tubs are completely portable, fully insulated and durable.  Lots of models from a cozy 2 person, up to a family friendly 6 person spa.  

Economical to buy - Economical to run - from $4080 to $5611


Spa Marvel is an excellent way to reduce the chemical use of your hot tub and improve the water quality.