Hot Tub and Sauna Fragrances

Laura Robson - Summer 2014


 Fragrances have been used for many centuries in medicine, as an attraction enhancer, and to mask unpleasant odours.  Aromatherapy uses aromatic compounds, including essential oils, to benefit a person’s mood and mental wellbeing.  Most commonly they are used to calm and relax, but can also be used to excite and invigorate.  In our day-to-day lives we use fragrances to enhance our experiences, from lavender in baby products, to new-car smell in air fresheners.  While using your hot tub or sauna, you can enjoy the benefits of your choice of fragrance, too.   We have customers that use Menthol or Eucalyptus products in their hot tub and sauna to help them through their cold symptoms in the winter.


 Some hot tubs are manufactured with a feature that allows you to add aromatherapy products to a compartment for distribution through the jets.  Whether or not your hot tub has this feature you can still enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy while using your spa.  Scents can be added directly into the water in scented crystals or liquid fragrance.  Some people find that the use of fragrances can mask the smell of their hot tub sanitizer.   You can also use them in a non-jetted bathtub to unwind and refresh.


 We have a large variety of fragrance blends that will create the ultimate spa experience while at the same time leave your skin soft and moisturized.  inSPAration has several lines of liquid fragrance, contains no alcohol and is water-soluble. These fragrances will not foam, affect pH, or upset water chemistry.  They are formulated specially for jetted systems whether for hot tubs, or hydrotherapy tubs; inSPAration has been proven safe for all motors, jets and acrylics.  Always use fragrances specifically designed for hot tub and whirlpool use to avoid changes in water quality, and  damage your plumbing or equipment, however, your filter may need to be looked after more frequently.


 Our Spazazz Rx Therapy crystals not only have inviting scents, but each of their 7 formulations contains different vitamins to target different wellness issues.  “Stretch and relax” with their Muscular Therapy, or “purify your system” with their Detox Therapy formulation. They also offer Joint Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, and Sport Therapy, Energy Therapy, and Stress Therapy. 


 You can also enjoy the effects of aromatherapy in your sauna.  Sauna Essence made by Prost, includes several scents in their line.  Heighten your sauna experience with a few drops of Wintergreen, Cedar, or Lemon added to your sauna water bucket.   You could try a little Menthol or Eucalyptus to help kick your head cold or reduce respiratory allergy symptoms.


 Regardless of the type or delivery system, we hope you enjoy the fragrance options we’ve chosen to offer for your use and enjoyment.  A bottle or box of fragrance also makes a wonderful housewarming or host gift!  As always, give us a call if you have any questions or would like more information about our products.

Have a specific scent in mind?  Let us know and we'll order it in especially for you!

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