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Disclaimer: Saunas, either traditional or infrared are not medical devices. Any reported affects are anecdotal.* 

 Sunlighten's Solocarbon® full spectrum technology is unique in its ability to provide near, mid and far infrared in home saunas at optimal wavelengths.

Aspire 1 - 2p

Aspire 1 - 2p

(pictured in Basswood) 43.6" W 41.6" D 76.6" H 120V 20A

Believe 2 p.

Believe 2 p.

(pictured in Cedar) 51.7" W 47.6" D 76.6" H 120V 20A

Conquer 2/3

Conquer 2/3

(pictured in Eucalyptus) 70.6" W 47.6" D 76.6" H 240V 20A

Discover 4

Discover 4

(pictured in Cedar) 70.6" W 70.6" D 76.6" H 240V 20A

Empower 5/6

Empower 5/6

(pictured in Basswood) 85.6" W 70.9" D 76.6" H 240V 20A


* Prices are in Canadian $ and are subject to change without notice.

mPulse Sauna Features:


10.1” Android-Powered Control Panel - The Android-powered control panel provides one-touch access to the 6 preset programs for easy customization. Schedule mode also allows for multiple users to schedule sessions so that the infrared sauna is ready when you need it. Watch in high resolution your heart rate and calories away in real time. Simple touch and slide control adjusts interior lighting and sound as well as controls the stereo and DVD player. Wifi connectivity provides seemless integration and updates at your fingertips.

Highest Quality, Certified Eco-Friendly Wood - mPulse saunas are sourced from PEFC certified wood – one of the most reputable third party designations for eco-friendly wood products. Available in beautiful western redwood cedar, hypoallergenic basswood and premium eucalyptus, mPulse home saunas have solid tongue and grove construction, are 33% thicker than the industry standard and are commercial grade for extra durability.

*Chinook Hot Tubs & Saunas does not give Medical advice. Each person should contact their own doctor for information specific to them.

Preset Wellness Programs - The mPulse series home saunas offers a variety of wellness programs at your fingertips. Each session perfectly blends the near infrared, mid infrared, and far infrared wavelengths.  There is also a customized setting to fit your own personal preferences and wellness goals. 
The 6 preset programs are called:

  • Cardio                                Detoxification

  • Pain Relief                          Relaxation

  • Weight Loss                       Skin Health

 Near Infrared LED’s - Advanced LED’s provide true near infrared at a consistent output – the same technology used in scientific research to show skin renewal, cell health, wound healing and tissue growth. The mPulse is the only sauna available with this LED infrared light therapy technology. 

MagneSeal Assembly - A Sunlighten exclusive assembly method – walls snap together making it a cinch to set up and take down. Walls adapt as wood expands and contracts with the heat to prevent cracks and warping. The magnets allow for a better seal between walls keeping the warmth inside and the cold out. As durable and strong as clips, buckles or screws, but invisible to the eye.

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