Disclaimer: Saunas, either traditional or infrared are not medical devices. Any reported affects are anecdotal.* 

Freestanding Prefab Sauna

Enjoy inside or outside!

 A Chinook Prefab Sauna Kit provides you with a prefabricated, but disassembled, freestanding sauna. They are made in in our Ottawa shop with select grade tight knot or clear Canadian Western Red Cedar, top quality Canadian made heaters.  Whether you use wood or electricity, an outdoor sauna is a real luxury. By adding a roof to your Chinook Prefabricated Sauna you can enjoy a sauna in the back yard, at the cottage, or next to the lake.  In the backyard or the basement, a Chinook Prefab Sauna kit gives you everything required to put together a beautiful and relaxing sauna in your home or on your property with only a day's work.

What's included in my Prefab Kit? 


  • Clear or Tight Knot Western Red (CWR) Cedar 2"x6" tongue and groove "logs" pre-milled for walls and ceiling

  • Aluminum corner channels

  • CWR Cedar benches and pre-drilled supports

  • Canadian-made sauna heater

  • Sauna-safe rocks

  • Built-in heater control: timer and thermostat

  • Handcrafted CWR Cedar heater safety barrier

  • Handcrafted solid CWR Cedar sauna door, prehung    (~1'x4' bronzed and tempered glass window)

  • Rubber snap-tile flooring

  • Vapour-proof lighting

  • Hardware (screws)

  • Instruction manual

  • Delivery within the greater Ottawa area

What else will I need to put my sauna together?


  • Put aside about a day's time

  • Flat, level floor for your sauna site

  • Electrical supplies (wires, breaker, light switch) 







Prefab sauna on patio

Prefab sauna on patio

Sauna by the pond

Sauna by the pond

Winter sauna

Winter sauna

Prefab sauna in town

Prefab sauna in town

Prefab sauna with window

Prefab sauna with window


Western Red Cedar Stand alone sauna for use indoors or outside under cover

Select Tight Knot*

Western Red Cedar Stand alone sauna for use indoors or outside under cover

Outdoor package: 


Heater upgrade, cedar slat flooring, trusses for roof with steel sheeting

Chinook Standalone Prefab Sauna Kits**

Size      Clear      Tight Knot     Roof Kit 

4x5       $7,760       $5,760       $2,020 

4x6       $8,370       $6,150       $2,145 

5x6       $8,950       $6,505       $2,220 

5x7       $9,505       $6,940       $2,275 

6x6       $9,770       $7,100       $2,510 

6x7       $10,435     $7,500       $2,595 

7x7       $11,350     $7,895       $2,675 

8x8       $12,335     $8,585       $2,795  

** Although we try to keep our website accurate

We reserve the right to change prices at any time.



Clear Western Red Cedar 

Tight Knot Western Red Cedar 

*  The difference between using clear or tight knot cedar is purely an asthetic one.  Both grades of cedar will last for decades as they have the same mildew and insect repelling properties.  No matter which cedar you choose, your benches will be made of clear cedar.

Please note that for a wood-burning sauna, you will need to have at least a 8' x 8'  sauna to accomodate the clearances required for your stove.  Chimney parts are not included.  The stove must be installed by a WETT certified installer.

Do you have a framed room you want to turn into a sauna and like to do your own construction? Check out our Sauna Liner Kits!

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