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 Maintenance Packages*

  • Are you tired of taking care of your hot tub?

  • Are you too busy to take care of your hot tub?

  • Do you want help with your hot tub maintenance? 

  • Are you new to the hot tub world?

We can help.  You can choose from one of our maintenance packages.

Each maintenance package will be customized to give you the best value for your spa needs.

Please contact us with your questions at: 613-729-1447

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Maintenance prices.jpg

* Prices are based on: An accessible equipment area, not more than 20 minutes of travel time, the ability to use quick drain methods, and average water pressure.

* Extra charges may apply if any of the above conditions do not exist.  Spa chemicals will be charged as required, fuel surcharge.

time charged at $120/hr

time charged at $120/hr

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