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Hot tub emergencies



The only true emergency for a hot tub is if there is a potential for the tub equipment and plumbing to freeze.  No matter what the symptom, DO keep your equipment safe by putting a source of heat in the cabinet area. (Examples of heat source are: a trouble light, a space heater, etc.) Make sure that the heat is not too close to the plumbing, insulation, or any meltable material. Check often.  DO NOT drain warm water from your hot tub, as the heat held in the water is protecting your spa from freezing.  A hot tub will retain heat for several days if it is insulated and the cover is left on. Even 50º F water contains a lot of stored heat.


Here is how you can gauge the severity of your hot tubs symptoms:

Is there ice in your tub, or is your tub empty?


If yes, this is an URGENT emergency: service within 24 hours


What you can do: Put a source of heat under the thermal cover of your hot tub if it’s empty/safe to do so, or in the equipment area of the spa, open all valves and loosen unions to try to minimize freeze damage.

Is there a leak in the tub of more than 2 inches in a day?


If yes, this is a Medium emergency: service within 2 days


What you can do: Put a source of heat in the equipment area.  Try to determine the source of the leak.  If the leak is greater with the equipment running, then one of the pumps is the source.  If it is one of the pumps, then unplug that pump, top up the hot tub, and run the rest of the system as normal until it can be fixed.  If the primary pump is leaking and you still have hot or warm water in the hot tub, do not drain it. Turn off equipment and put a source of heat in the equipment area.  If you cannot find the source of the leak put a source of heat in the equipment area away from any standing water. 

Is there is a leak of less than 2” in a day?


If yes, this is a Minor emergency: service within 3-4 days


What you can do: If the water is still circulating and heating, top up water daily as necessary to keep it running. Make sure the water is high enough to keep air from entering the system. If your hot tub is full of hot (or warm) water DO NOT DRAIN IT. 

If not...

If not...



Even if your hot tub water gets cold, if the pumps create heat when they are moving the water. This will keep damage from occurring. Leave your hot tub running.


If your equipment is on the warm side of the insulation you can slow heat loss by reducing air flow in the pump cavity. For example, put a tarp over the vents. 

Our phone message line

is checked daily when winter weather conditions warrant. 


After the tub is repaired, we strongly suggest looking into our Spa Dragon freeze protection system, it can be attached to any tub and significantly reduces the chance of freezing.

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