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Reduce or eliminate freeze damage

When your tub freezes, the water in the pipes expands and can crack the plumbing and burst water lines, pump wet ends, jet manifolds, and more.

This type of damage is both expensive and wildy unpredictable. It's not uncommon to find a burst manifold, fix it, and have to come back again because the insulation was hiding another one. This cycle can sometimes repeat four or five times depending on the complexity of the plumbing. The cost of repairs and repeat visits can quickly add up to thousands.

Freeze damage is one of the most common reasons we have to scrap hot tubs.

The Spa Dragon is a system that can be added to any tub to help protect against freeze damage.

If the system detects that the water temperature has dropped too low, it will turn on a space heater and notify you by email and/or text so that you can get someone out there before it starts to freeze.


The system requires a seperate 110V circuit that it can plug into, one can be run into the tub while the first power line is being run if it's a new installation of the tub or the included GFCI cord can be plugged into a nearby outlet.

This means that even in the event of the breaker tripping, the system will work to notify you and stop the freezing.

The Spa Dragon will connect to your Wifi, and then you can check the water temperature of the spa from anywhere with an internet browser and force the heater on if you need to in addition to the automatic function.

While the heater is enough to prevent freezing on its own on some brands of hot tub, the notification can also allow you to get someone out to service it before it freezes.

There are different levels and types of insulation in hot tubs and The Spa Dragon will help more with some spas and less with others.  Use of the spa dragon does not guarantee your hot tub will not sustain freeze damage during winter so it is vital that you get your spa/swimspa repaired as soon as you're aware it has malfunctioned or lost power.

If you're interested, you're welcome to contact us for more information, or you can purchase one to install yourself on the store page, we recommend setting aside about two hours to install it if you haven't done one before.

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