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Why are Sunrise Spas Canada's superior hot tub?


Our Sunrise Spa shell is a seamless integration of 4 key construction features - a strong structure with a durable protective base, GreenGuard insulation, reinforced fiberglass and a seamless thermoformed acrylic shell.  

Together, these features achieve not only a product of the highest quality, but also a product that is energy-efficient and green conscious.

Structural Steel Frame

 The backbone of every Sunrise spa is supported by our structural metal frames. Classic Collection tubs feature a galvanised steel frame for unequaled strength and stability.

Protective Base & Cap

 To keep maintenance needs simple, and the frame and equipment way from the cold wet ground, we cap the entire bottom. Classic Collection is capped with a polyethylene base; These barriers will help keep all unwanted elements from entering the spa such as moisture, insects and rodents.

GreenGuard 4-Chambered Thermal Retention

 Our proprietary insulation technology combines the insulating properties of air chambers with our unique bagged ROXUL insulating panels layered around the interior of the spa cabinet including the base. Unlike the low performance of blown-in foam, ROXUL maintains a high R-Value and is hydrophobic, meaning it will not absorb moisture, preventing the growth of fungi or mildew and ensuring the R-Value remains high. This stone wool is made from naturally occurring balsat rock mixed with over 40% recycled slag, creating a vermin proof, sound deadening, and light-weight material with superior insulating properties. Our cabinetry is additionally fitted with 20mm thick heat-reflective Styrofoam slabs.

Thermoformed Lucite Shell & Reinforced Fiberglass

 To achieve optimal strength and durability, the surface of our multi-layered shell is vacuum formed from a single sheet of quality Lucite acrylic treated with Microban; an antimicrobial protection agent that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew. This seamless layer wraps the spa to provide an exceptionally smooth layer that is resistant to the damaging effects of UV rays.  


 To further reinforce the acrylic shell we hand spray it with multiple layers of engineered fibreglass. A bonding layer of vinyl-ester resin is sprayed directly on to the acrylic shell to maximize adhesion. For superior strength, a second layer of filled resin is added simultaneously with the chopped glass fiber. Many companies will opt out of this layer as it is a costly process, but we believe the benefit of increased adhesion and strength is worth the investment for our customers.


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