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Thermal Hot Tub Covers


 At Chinook Hot Tubs & Saunas we sell only the best quality hot tub covers.  We have them custom manufactured to fit your spa, here in Ontario.  


 We understand that your spa's cover is an investment, so we have negotiated with our manufacturer to provide you with some upgrades included in our standard price to give you the best cover for your money! 


 Your thermal hot tub cover will feature these upgrades from other covers:

- Your insulative inserts will be thermally upgraded to 1.5lb density foam

- Your weather-proofing skirt is up to 6" long, according to your preference

- Your insulative inserts will be double wrapped to 6 mil of vapour barrier

- Your cover will have a 3 year pro-rated warranty

- You will receive four locking straps and lifting handle that help make our hot tub covers perform for years.  Our hot tub covers meet the City of Ottawa bylaw regulations for hot tubs without a fence.   


 Have your new cover delivered to your address, or you can pick it up at the shop.  Fill out the form below to receive a quote on your new hot tub cover.



Available upgrades:


  • Continuous seal along fold

  • Skirt over 6"

  • 2lb density foam

  • Extra straps and handles

  • Reflective lining