Available upgrades:


  • Continuous seal along fold

  • Skirt over 6"

  • 2lb density foam

  • Extra straps and handles

  • Reflective lining

Thermal Hot Tub Covers


 At Chinook Hot Tubs & Saunas we sell only top quality hot tub covers, custom manufactured to fit your spa, here in Ontario.  Your thermal hot tub cover will feature these upgrades from other covers:

- Your foam inserts will be  upgraded to 1.5lb density foam (from 1lb)

- Your weather-proofing skirt is up to 6" long, to fit any installation or cover lifter

- Your foam inserts will be double wrapped with 6 mil of vapour barrier (some are 3 or 4 mil)

- Your cover will have a 3 year pro-rated warranty

- You will receive four locking straps and 2 lifting handles that help make our hot tub covers perform for years.  

Our hot tub covers meet the City of Ottawa bylaw regulations for hot tubs without a fence.   


 Have your new cover delivered to your address.  Fill out the form below to receive a quote on your new hot tub cover.

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