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Traditional Saunas

Our experience in building saunas in Ottawa for over 30 years has helped us to create several options for your project.  Regardless of which option you choose, your sauna will provide you with years of relaxation.  Learn the basics about adding a sauna to your home here.  We now offer cold plunge pools as optional extras on all of our traditional or infrared saunas as well, there's nothing more refreshing than plunging into icewater after a sauna.

If you like the idea of doing the installation work yourself, but are looking for quality cedar and parts, we suggest a Chinook Sauna Liner Kit.  We offer two tiers so you can choose which upgrades you want. They are made in Ottawa, ON in our shop with clear Canadian Western Red Cedar and top quality Canadian-made heaters.  You will need general construction skills and a framed room for this option.

If you have an empty space to put a sauna (indoors or outdoors) a freestanding Chinook Prefab Sauna Kit will provide you with a disassembled freestanding sauna.  They are made in Ottawa, ON in our shop with clear Canadian Western Red Cedar and top quality Canadian-made heaters.  With the optional Chinook Roof Kit, you can make your sauna weather-worthy, even for Canadian winters.  You will only need intermediate assembly skills and a flat, level support surface for this option. (Assembly also available)

If you prefer the idea of bringing your sauna plans in to the shop, and having your sauna designed and installed by our Chinook crew with over 30 years' experience, a Chinook Custom Sauna Installation is the way to go.  We will work with your space and vision to create the ideal sauna for you.  We have experience making the most of your space, from smaller residential saunas to commercial and public saunas.  You will not need anything but the space you'd like to turn into a sauna for this option!

Disclaimer: Saunas, either traditional or infrared are not medical devices. Any reported affects are anecdotal.* 

Would you like to discuss your project or get a quote on your preferred option?

Contact a Chinook team member at 613-729-1447 or leave us a message:

Chinook Hot Tubs & Saunas does not give Medical advice.  Each person should contact their own doctor for information specific o them

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